October 2021 Update

Recent Commission

 Timeless Royalty 65 x 57, Layered Mixed Media with photographs, fabric, butterflies, bones, antique objects, etc.

Ingrid Has been very busy creating these last few months. Below, you will see new work: transparent layered canvases, abstracts and commissions. All of them have the unique and subtle elements that continue to make her work so intriguing.

Timeless Royalty

In October 2019, Ingrid’s most avid patron and art collector commissioned her to do a monumental portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. He and his wife are anglophiles and frequent visitors to England. They wanted a piece that symbolized not just the queen\’s life, but also her influence on generations of people across two centuries. It was a difficult task and Ingrid had to dig deep into her creative source. The piece took nearly 18 months and was completed on April 21st, the queen\’s 95th and just 12 days after Prince Philip’s passing.  A sad and sweet coincidence.

The collectors are very pleased with their new work and were kind enough to allow us to share an image of the work here. We hope you will find it as inspiring as they do.

Layered Work

Ingrid is often asked to describe her artwork. Labels are like boxes, they confine and define something that, in this case, is fluid. She combines so many differing genres and materials into a single work that it is difficult to describe simply. For example, the main image is usually Renaissance or Baroque, then she adds collage that is reminiscent of the early 20th century. Abstract treatments throughout the work are influenced by contemporary and post war art. And all this is incorporated using 21st Century industrial materials such as Acrylic, Resin and bonded aluminum. So rather than pigeon-hole her work, we’ve decided to simply show the most recent pieces in a slideshow format and let the viewer decide – enjoy!

Follow Your Heart 38 x 30″ Layered Mixed Media
  • \"Fly

    Fly Away with Me, 19 x 25″ Layered Mixed Media
  • \"Queen

    Queen Audrey 29 x 25 inches Layered Mixed Media
  • \"The

    The Monarch 29 x 17″ Layered Mixed Media
  • \"Memories

    Memories Set Free 38 x 32″ Layered Mixed Media
  • \"Isabel

    Isabel and Harold, The Travelers 34 x 36″ Layered Mixed Media
  • \"The

    The Family Tree I, 42 x 26″ Layered Mixed Media
  • \"The

    The Family Tree II, 34 x 24, Layered Mixed Media
  • \"The

    The Protector, 31 x 27″ Layered Mixed Media

Recent New Abstracts

Ingrid\’s abstract work continues to evolve. In the slideshow below, you will get a sense of how her layered work influences her abstracts and vice versa. Several of the works have embedded objects or sculptural elements projecting from the canvas. This added dimension blurs the line between painting and sculpture.

  • \"You

    You Are My Sunshine 36 x 50, Acrylic, resin and steel on canvas
  • \"Beyond

    Beyond the Blue 40 x 65, acrylic and resin on canvas
  • \"Summer

    Summer Solstice 48 x 76, acrylic and resin on canvas
  • \"Butterfly

    Butterfly Effect, 56 x 56\” Acrylic and resin on canvas
  • \"Contemplations

    Contemplations of Miro 48 x48 Acrylic, Resin and Steel on Canvas
  • \"Sherbert

    Sherbert 48 x 78 inches, Acrylic, Resin and Steel on canvas
  • \"Beyond

    Beyond Time, 56 x 56 inches, Acrylic, Resin and Steel on Canvas

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