Public Installations

Eden’s Garden in the Courtyard of the San Francisco Hyatt

In October 2017, Ingrid Magidson was selected from a large group of artists to produce a mural for the courtyard of the new Hyatt Hotel on 3rd Street in Downtown San Francisco.  Just a block from Giant’s stadium.  The only requirement of the project was that it must incorporate a “living wall” into the design.  A living wall, is a vertical carpet of plants watered and fed from a  sophisticated array of pumps, recirculators, nutrient feeders and water.  The company that did this part of the project is the same that did the monumental living wall (over 100 feet wide) at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Ingrid chose to create 11 panels of abstract work on aluminum panels, each overlapping each other a few inches creating a greater sense of depth.  She then added black metal shapes projecting several inches from the surface suggesting clouds.  The concept is to imagine a magnificent garden within the Garden of Eden.  “Eden’s Garden”

The installation was completed in April of 2018.  A brief time lapse of the 2 day installation is at the bottom of this page. The final size of Eden’s Garden is 9 feet high by 30 feet wide.  The work is on permanent display and anyone is welcome to visit: Hyatt Hotel 701 3rd Street, San Francisco.

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