The Dr. Carolyn Farb Collection

Selection of Collected Work        

Carolyn Farb is well-known in Houston for her philanthropic work having raised 10s of millions of dollars for worthy causes.  She is also a prolific and eclectic art collector.  Having at one time owned a Frida Kalo piece entitled the Deer Hunter.

Carolyn first saw Ingrid’s work at the Houston Art Fair in 2013.  She was immediately taken by the “The Artist” (shown below).  After which she met the artist and has commissioned and purchased multiple works.  It is truly an honor to be collected by a true art patron and lover of the arts.

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My Journey of Creating the Altar for Carolyn

Cherished Echoes from Afar in memory of Carolyn’s son, Jake

My journey of creating the altar for Carolyn was not only the most challenging and inspiring, it touched me very deeply and profoundly.

 Art is very personal-but to create an altar….well that is crossing over the boundaries of existence and going into the spiritual world.  Every moment that I worked on it, I entered into that place beyond the veil, beyond this world.   And within those journeys, I received echoes from the muses, angels, Jake and many of Carolyn’s Beloved Immortals-they would lend a helping hand.

 I give credit to those voices that echoed through time….grateful and thankful.

 The Blue Morpho butterfly is an absolute enchantress, a marvel, renowned for its beauty and mystical magic.

Various tribes throughout the rainforest seem as enamored with Mariposa Azul (as they call the Blue Morpho Butterfly) as we are. The Yukuna Tribe of Colombia show their devotion to the Blue Morpho, by performing a special costumed dance in its honor!

A plethora of South and Central American tribes have myths and legends relating the insect to the magical and supernatural. Some tales claim that the butterfly is in fact a sprite or fairy in disguise, while others claim that it is a messenger of their prayers to the gods.

Some regard the Blue Morpho as a healing butterfly and if caught, can heal the capturer of their ailments. This miraculous gift was portrayed in a movie based on real life events, by Lea Pool, entitled – The Blue Butterfly.

This is a true story and the name of the enthomologist is Georges Brossard who at the demand of Fondation Rêves D’enfants (or Chidren’s Dream Foundation, which grant wishes to very ill children), taken a young boy (technically in the terminal phase of cancer) to South America in 1987 in order to capture the beautiful and elusive blue morpho, considered the most beautiful butterfly in the world.

 Frida Kahlo’s painting “La Venadita” (The Wounded Deer) is a thread that connected us.  My son found a deer spine that I placed into my piece “The Artist Dreams” which was the first piece of mine Carolyn acquired.

The statue of the female with deer head (this represents Carolyn’s spirit to me) is highly sensitive to its surroundings and has a strong intuition. Deer master the art of being both determined and gentle in their approach. They have the ability to move through life and obstacles with grace, using the heart and possessing a magical and mystical quality.

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