A Brief History of My Abstract Work

For nearly 15 years I have been creating vaporous, layered works. Each starts with a powerful male or female figure then I work the interior to bring dimensionality to the image. Virtually every piece starts with an abstract painting as the deepest layer. Several years ago, I paused after creating one of these abstract backgrounds and just looked at it. All these years I never thought of myself as an abstract artist, yet that’s what I’ve been doing all along. There is a serenity to these creations that is difficult to describe. So I simply pulled that painting aside and began doing other abstract works alongside my layered work.
     As with my layered work, I love depth and dimension. I am very experimental with all art I do, often mixing materials to create new effects. Usually I start with acrylic or enamel on canvas, then add clear or colored resin and even objects into my abstracts to build up their depth. Most of these paintings contain dozens of layers, each building upon the previous. It is a kind of visual dance that I perform while creating. It is both physical and spiritual. Sometimes I see figures in the work, and so I name them that way. But with all abstract works, it is for the viewer to find the connection, a certain mood that colors evoke, unique to each person.

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