Reality in Layers

\”Reality is subjective.\”

Each of us sees the world through our own unique colored lenses of experience, emotion and perception.  What is real, what is illusion is one of the central premises of Ingrid\’s work.  Looking through the transparent layers of her art is like looking through the mystery of our own senses, going deeper to the core of what makes us human.  Out past experiences make us who we are, layer upon layer, building and coloring our world.


Ingrid\’s most recent layered work, \”Destiny Leading the Way,\” reveals her most exploratory work to date.  All surfaces are transparent, the face, sides and even the back.  The viewer can literally see into the work from all angles.  The subject is only the starting place.  We see the Renaissance lady sitting atop a magnificent horse, but there is far more as we move about the work.  Layers of fabric, butterflies, clock parts, foils and paint reveal a complex world of discovery.  We see the whole AND the parts simultaneously, the small and the large together.


\”This is the closest I\’ve come yet to a work that floats, ghost-like, like an apparition visiting us from the past.  I want the viewer to see the workings of my work, see the elements inside, the parts that make her who she is and consequently look at our own parts, to discover who we are.\”

\”Destiny Leading the Way\” is the first in this experimental series, which Ingrid plans to do as an exhibition in the near future.  \”This new technique is extremely difficult and time consuming to create, both technically and creatively.  Each piece requires considering the view, from not only the front, but from all angles.  I love challenging myself.\”

I think we can agree, Ingrid has once again outdone herself.

\”Destiny Leading the Way\” is on display at the new Master\’s Gallery in the Cherry Creek area of Denver.

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