In Depth Look at Newest Creation by Ingrid Dee Magidson

Ingrid\’s newest piece, Eternity\’s Doorway is one of her most experimental.  In it, she adds a number of objects inside and outside the piece that give the work a highly dimensional feel as well as giving it sculptural elements.


Even though some of the objects are quite large, they are subtle, almost unseen.  For example, under the the face is a skull.  The photograph obscures it somewhat, but it comes and goes as the viewer walks around the art.  Not in a haunting way, but as a glimpse to something deeper.


Ingrid also put various object on the outside of the art to give it sculptural details:

Eternity\’s Doorway is ultimately about the connection we all have with eternity, from a timeless soul to objects which fade.  Even our own body will eventually disappear, but the deeper reality of existence transcends time, perhaps even our memories, or the memory of us.


It is the detail and subtlety which make us who we are; and so it is with Ingrid\’s art.

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