Documentary of Ingrid Magidson\’s Work Wins 2012 Telly Award


Congratulations to The Reid Effect of Pioria, AZ for their recent award of a Silver Telly (highest honor) for \”Windows Through Time\” a documentary of Ingrid Dee Magidson\’s art work.


Rob Reid came to the studio of Ingrid Dee Magidson in Colorado in the fall of 2010 to record and interview Ingrid and Jay Magidson.  He and his film crew were on site for three days filming and interviewing the artist and her husband.  It was a unique experience to say the least.  Rob is a consummate professional.  He has a way of making you feel at ease even in the most difficult shots.  For example, Ingrid was retelling the story of her youth, about particular difficulties that ultimately led her to a life of art.  At one point, she was overwhelmed with emotion and was unable to continue.  Rob respected the emotion and the moment.  He never hurried her or tried to move on, he simply waited, \”when you\’re ready, we\’ll continue.\”

Filming moved into Ingrid\’s studio.  This was not an easy place to shoot.  It is very crowded and the light is difficult.  Ingrid\’s work has many reflective surfaces that make it very difficult to photograph.  Rob and his crew moved in without a complaint, setting up lights and reflectors and in no time they were filming.  Take a look at the final minutes of the film, it shows some very creative shots that Rob came up with where Ingrid is on the other side of the art.

Thank you Rob and congratulations on your much deserved award.

2012 Silver Telly Award to The Reid Effect for Film Documentary, \”Windows Through Time,\” the work of Ingrid Dee Magidson

1 thought on “Documentary of Ingrid Magidson\’s Work Wins 2012 Telly Award”

  1. I will watch this inspiring video again and again ….Ingrid, you have so sensitively articulated the feelings and challenges of all true artists.
    Jay’s ability to recognize a great talent is imeasurable. Thank you for sharing this intimate part of your lives with the world!
    love always

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