Vail Exhibition Online

The Vail exhibition is now fully loaded on the web site.  It has a feature that lets you zoom in to the work.  Some of the images might take a few seconds to load (they\’re large).  Enjoy and thanks for looking. – then click on available art or just click the main image on the first page.

2 thoughts on “Vail Exhibition Online”

  1. I wanted to let you know that i just love your work!! I was recently in Vail with my husband on a ski trip and I was just mesmorized by your art. Best of luck to you. We live in Nashville…hope to see your work here sometime!!


    1. Thank you Colleen for your kind words to my work, I would love to see Nashville one day!
      Wishing you a beautiful day! Warmest Regards, Ingrid Dee Magidson

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