Art Scene 2009

Ingrid Dee Magidson’s nine large layered artworks have depth seldom seen in paintings of any era. At first glance, the viewer sees a classic painting of a woman, an Old Master style image you might see at the National Gallery. But look closely and it will register that you’re seeing the painting through a window or in a dream – with layer upon layer of paint, fabric, torn bits of sheet music, broken china, all behind or on top of the image. In most works, lyrical script, sometimes the artist’s poetry, other times love letters from historical figures, overlay the paintings or the glass. Double images, painted on jewels, striated paint, torn bits of paper partially obscuring the eyes, and shadowy images from complementary paintings pervade each almost sculptural work. The artist says, “The pople painted so long ago were as alive as each of us now. They had hopes, dreams, and lives we can never know. I bring them back to life, perhaps only for a moment, but alive nonetheless. This mix of transience and permanence is so captivating to me.” To us as well (Marion Meyer Contemporary Art, Orange County, Laguna Beach). - Liz Goldner, 2009 Art Critic for Various Art Publications
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